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From the battlefield to the boardroom, I have always treasured having the responsibility of leading myself, my family, and my team. I believe in the "total leadership" philosophy of improving performance in all four domains of life - work, home, community, and self - by creating mutual value among them.

Combat Veteran: Marine Corps

I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve my country, both as an enlisted Geospatial Intelligence Analyst and as an Attack Helicopter Commander during my career as a United States Marine.


My parents gave me my first computer, a Commodore 64, when I was in the third grade. I taught myself how to program text-based adventure games in BASIC, and have been fascinated by the evolution of technology ever since.


Ever since I was a young boy, I have had the aviation bug. My grandfather, a WWII pilot, was a strong influence in my life and I am glad he lived long enough to see me become a Naval Aviator.


I've built two 3D printers, which I use for in-home fabrication and prototyping. I love to disassemble everything from appliances to mechanical items, and from electronics to reverse engineering software. I find out how they work, and rebuild or improve them. I'm sure my mother loved this as I was growing up!

Collaborative Problem Solver

Just as I love taking things apart, I enjoy disassembling problems down to their root cause, analyzing areas for improvement, and building creative and effective solutions to them. I prefer to do this with a diverse team in order to have access to the wealth of knowledge and experience everyone brings to the table.

You Are Here

This is a collection of my various projects, resume, books I'm reading, links to my social accounts, and other things as they occur to me. It is a "living, breathing" place. Expect it to change. I am working on much more content, such as pages for my various projects (e.g., my 3D Printed Iron Man helmet) and other interests (e.g., real estate investing and entrepreneurship). Stay tuned!

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